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Dinner for Six at 8:00

To throw a great dinner party all you need is some easy dinner party recipes and a guest list. Christopher Carnrick and Arthur Knighton's new cookbook, "Dinner for Six at 8:00" offers all the recipes and ideas you'll need to host twelve themed dinner parties from Casa Cebadillas, Torrox Pueblo, Spain.

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Bring a little international intrigue to your next dinner party with one of Casa Cebadillas' twelve popular themed menus.

Twelve Dinner Party Themes include...

  • Caribbean menu and recipes
  • Spanish menu and recipes
  • French menu and recipes
  • Italian menu and recipes
  • Greek menu and recipes
  • Asian menu and recipes
  • Moroccan menu and recipes
  • Polynesian menu and recipes
  • Arabian menu and recipes
  • American menu and recipes

  • Adventurous cooks can get hands on training on recipes that will wow dinner party guests by booking a culinary vacation at Casa Cebadillas.

    Easy Dinner Party Recipes

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    "Thank you for a super wonderful experience. We've both been very busy since our return, but we've enjoyed your sangria and are planning a paella dinner. I hope you both are doing well. Our day with you was a highlight of our Andalucian vacation." Jim & Donna Krupp, March 2010 What fun! All kinds of fun recipes, good decorating ideas and quirky/funny personal stories in between. I haven't tried a single recipe yet but I can't wait. They all sound sooooo good. I'm envious of what Christopher and Arthur have started. It makes me think I can have a vacation with my friends and family at home.A. Mozaffarian March 25, 2010

    Wow! I frequently entertain and sometimes wonder how to make the experience memorable- this is a great book. The cocktail suggestions are outstanding and something I never thought of. I've tried several of the recipes and can't say enough about the Slata Mechouia and the cous cous recipe was fantastic. The etiquette tips are a hoot! It sounded just like Mom. Overall a very pleased customer. J. Mcdowell January 7, 2010

    I love this cookbook. I have thrown many theme parties over the years and I love the new and innovative ideas pulled together in this cookbook. First of all the attention to detail is incredible. The quick tips are extremely helpful and the suggestions on etiquette I found to be very insightful. (Some of us were raised on farms and are still learning)! I also loved the insight into putting these delicious meals together in Spain. AND, Wow! What phenomenal chef's! I can't believe they shared their secrets! Thank you Christopher and Arthur! A. Jones January 2010

    If you love to entertain, you can't say enough about this book.I want to go to Espana!! T. Championsmith March 2010